The Secret for a Long Lasting Makeup

Are you familiar with setting sprays? If not then your totally missing out!! Let me introduce you to my top 2 favourite setting sprays which is the Prep and Prime from Mac Cosmetics and the Magnet Mist from Pop Beauty Cosmetics. I love to use these when I want my makeup to stay put especially on occasions such as weddings, parties or even days when I just feel like it.

After applying makeup, this is the last product I use to set my face. Both of these setting sprays do the job, but the only concern for some people is the price difference. The Mac cost more than the Pop Beauty, so its a matter of preference. Some people apply their setting spray before putting their makeup on, but for me I prefer doing it in the very end. Its totally up to you, theres no rule on what to begin with nor what to end with, because makeup is all about being creative and being confident!

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