Skin Care

Lets Talk About Skin Care

Its always important to keep our skin in good condition so drinking a lot of water is definitely the first step for a hydrating skin. Im sure you heard this a lot of times and you’re probably annoyed of hearing it again, but drinking a lot of water CAN really and I mean reallyyyy help your skin feeling smooth! Its not about how much product we buy and use to put on our skin, its also about what we put inside our body. So eating healthy is definitely another step towards a good healthy skin.

Everybody has different skin type, so some product may work for others and some may not, and thats completely normal. For me, I have a combination of dry and oily skin. In the winter time my skin tend to be very dry and in the summer my skin tend to be very oily. So what I do every morning, I put on my towel headband to get my hair out of the way and wash my face with warm water. I use the Cetaphil cleanser and usually once a week I use an exfoliator, which is the St. Yves. These products really helps my skin smooth out and helps me get rid of some dirt!

A little reminder, if you want beautiful skin always remember it starts with your base skin! Its not about applying a bunch of makeup on your face, yes makeup can be extremely fun to play around with don’t get me wrong! However keep in mind ladies that your natural skin needs to be taken care of <3

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