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My New Skin Care Product For My Night Routine

This product is life changing!!! Before purchasing this product at Sephora, I was browsing for new skin care products online, since I was desperately looking for something new for my dry skin. I stumbled upon a lot of  YouTube videos and one of the product that kept popping up is this Tatcha Essence, also known as the plumping skin softener. I was so curious and went to searched for more reviews about this product, and I can now say that this helped my skin feeling really hydrating and glowy within few days! I had never used anything like this before and I had never spend a lot of money for just one product. I use this product every night after cleansing, then I pour 3 drops on my hand and pat it on my face. Within few seconds, I can already feel the product sinking into my face. Afterwards, I use my facial lotion CeraVe and apply it gently all over my face.

The next day, I wake up with a soft and glowy look. Ever since I was 13 years old I have been struggling a lot with my skin. I was getting a lot of acnes, pimples and scarings… It was a really though road for me to get clear skin, however I learned it was a matter of time. So don’t worry, its normal getting acnes because its part of growing up! My acnes before were very hard to treat, it felt like it was almost impossible for me to hide them with makeup. I remembered trying a lot of products and nothing seemed to work. I mean yes, some do actually works… but then yet it comes back and vice versa. Ever since, I always tried maintaining it but let me tell you, it was really hard. I went from a variety of products and then when I found the one that adapt well to my skin, I sticked with it. At the age of 21 (my age now) thats when I first had a Dermatologist. Now my skin has cleared out with acnes, but of corse we can never escape from it since its “mother nature.” I’m very happy with my skin, now I have permanent scars and blemishes that seems to be permanent… but its okay I learned to appreciate it and so should you!

A little note to say: its not about buying the best product out there nor buying the most expensive ones, but its being consistent with your skin care routine and keeping up with a healthy skin! A little tip for those reading this: always take good care of your skin, have a good skin care routine, eat healthy and drink a lot of water! Yes it may be challenging, but you can do it!


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