CFBA Conference

This was the first fashion conference I attended and I had an amazing time. It was also Concordia’s first fashion conference and it turned out to be a successful event! I also had the chance to listen to several guest speakers coming from different background in the fashion industry such as:

  • Michel Greiche (Lecturer At JMSB & Management Consultant) who talked about Luxury Fashion In The European Market
  • Angela Negro (Engineer x Business Professional x Coach  who talked about How To Negotiate Your Salary
  • Cynthia Desrochers (Education Business Development Manager) who talked about Building Brand Awareness In The Retail Industry

Other guest speakers that I didn’t had the chance to listened to:

  • Lis Suarez (Director & Founder At Ethik Boutique) who talked about Launching A Sustainable Fashion Business
  • Marisa Minicucci (Design Director At Sosken) who talked about Evolution of Fashion Design Through Decades
  • Dawn Karen (Founder Of The Fashion Psychology Field) who talked about Styling From The Inside Out
  • Ashley Lemmon (Founder/Designe At Nora Swim) who talked about How To Start An Online Business
  • Rosanna Ammendolea (Creative Merchandising x Luxury Specialist) who talked about Selling Through Creative Merchandising

There was 8 guest speakers in total and we were only aloud to attend to 3 workshops. If I was aloud to attend to all of them I would! The event started from 11pm – 6pm and yes I was there the whole time! We also had lunch and snacks there and it was such a great experience! I learned so much about the fashion industry that i never knew about and I met some amazing people. The best part of this conference was to network with people! I met with a lot of them and stayed in contact with. Everyone was very friendly and approachable, I was really amazed. It was such a successful event and I am looking forward for the one next year!

After the workshop conference there was a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Valerie Lamontagne (Founder Of FashionTech)

Guest for the panel discussion:

  • Shannon Traylen (Senior Retail Clients Manager At Sephora)
  • Nathon Kong (Founder At Nathon Kon)
  • Luca Marchetti (Professor x Lecturer At ESM UQAM)

The panel discussion was one of my favourite discussion because we talked about how technology will touch a lot in the fashion industry in the coming years! Which was a very exciting topic!








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