Delicious Japanese Food

Hi guys! As you can see its been a few days I have not post anything on my blog, because I have been busy with school and work and I’m sorry that I have not been consistent enough, I apologize. So this post is practically about food obviously as you can see from the pictures!! Have you ever tried Japanese food? If not than you should definitely try it out!!

Last Friday after school my boyfriend and me went out for super and we ate at a restaurant in downtown called Kazu, its one of the most famous Asian restaurant in town because theres always a huge line, but we were lucky we were one of the first one! The place was very small, you can say that it was very tight. The tables were very close to one another, but I believe thats part of the whole experience of this restaurant because it really gives a vibe of being in Japan. It was the first time we went to this restaurant and I can say that it was very delicious. Also the staff were very accommodating, they were very nice and they also made sure we are okay. I ordered the Bibimbap Japanese style beef (the first picture) and my boyfriend ordered the salad and the beef with rice, (I’m sorry I forgot the name of his order!) We will definitely come back to this restaurant again!



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