Got My Hair Done By Alex Carbonel!

I want to share with you guys something super exciting! So when I was in the Philippines my uncle has a friend that treated us to a FREE HAIR SALON! How can we say no to that?! Soo yeah that happened! When we arrived at the salon which is located in Makati Greenbelt Mall, I didn’t know that the salon we will be ended up going to was a celebrity hairstylist!!! His name is Alex Carbonell!

He styled so many Filipino/Filipina celebrities! Such as Enrich Gonzales, Toni Gonzaga, Alex Gonzaga, Dimples Romana, Bianca King, Bailey May, Julia Baretto, Maricar Reyes-Poon, Bianca Gonzales Intal, Richard Yap, Jolina Magdangal Escueta, Daniel Masunaga and sooo much more!! <3 <3 <3

The overall experience was amazing, the staff were super friendly and they tried so hard to talk to us in English even when we know that they have trouble. I appreciate their effort! We told them that we came all the way from Canada!

Now lets talk about my hair, first of all I didn’t plan on doing anything on my hair in the Philippines since I already cut my hair before I left. Soo my aunt suggested me to dye my hair. In my head I didn’t feel like it, because I’m just to used to my black hair. However, I already experienced dying my hair before but I dont know… at that moment I didn’t feel like planning on doing anything on my hair, so my aunt said were already here and its your first time here too so why not? right 🙂 ?


Soo long story short, I dyed my hair brown, its called a balayage look. When my hair was done, I loved the final look! But I just find it to light (my opinion) but others tell me no its not. Maybe I’m just not used to it… I don’t regret it at all!!!! I mean I love my new hair, but I just need to get use to this colour 😛 <3


What do you guys think of my new hair 🙂 ?!










The Final Look! 








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