L’Oreal Private Sale

I attended the l’Oreal private sale earlier this month and I have to say it was pretty worth it! There was a lot of things on sale such as perfume, shampoo, lipstick, eyeshadows and much more! But I had to control myself and not buy to much, since I’m saving up for my trip to the Philippines. There was so man brands but I went off buying some Essie nail polish, they were $3 and they normally cost like $9!!!!

Its a really good brand, I love Essie! Their usual price are expensive but I took the advantage and bought a lot of colours. For it to be $3 I couldn’t say no. Also I purchased the Urban Decay full size make up setting spray and it cost me $20 at the sale and at Sephora they usually cost way more! So I was really happy with my purchase!

Just curious, has anybody tried this setting spray before? If so please let me know your thoughts about it on the comment section below!! 🙂

I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts about it !


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