My New Bag!

Hi guys! I hope you guys are doing well today! I have about two weeks until my semester end then I’m off for vacation! I’m super excited for the month of December just because its the holiday season and holidays makes me really happy! I can’t wait to shop for Christmas gifts for my family and friends. Not only that, but I am also excited to go to the Philippines on December 28 for about 3 weeks! I’ll be spending New Years over there with my family. I can’t wait to see my whole family and spend an amazing time with them ❤

So this is a new purse that I purchased today at Guess. If you guys didn’t know I am really into brand names. However don’t get me wrong with no brands I love them too! To be honest I had a hard time choosing between this colour or the black one. So I told my self that I have already a lot of black bags and I figured that this is the first time I will purchase a colour like this. I find it really cute and summer looking!! (even if its winter right now) I will definitely wear this purse when I am in the Philippines.

I bought this bag for $59.99 before tax. The sales lady there was very accommodating and very helpful. She knew I was struggling on what colour I wanted, so she suggested me this one, which I agreed in the end because I don’t own any colour like this before!


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