Practice Makes Perfect!

I’m finally done with school!!! I’m so happy that I have a month of vacation and I will be spending it at the Philippines! I cannot wait!! Also I’ll be taking a lot of pictures there, so stay tune for my future blog post 😉

So today it was like any other ordinary day, I woke up to go to work and finished around 4. Then I went grocery shopping with my parents and I decided to buy some stuff to make cupcakes! My favourite flavours are hands down Red Velvet, Cheese Cake and Chocolate. But at the store, I bought the Red Velvet flavour because it was the only one I saw.

When I arrived home I made cupcakes with my mom and we had an awesome time. We talked about our trip and how excited we are! 🙂

My cupcakes may not look very pretty but trust me they taste supper delicious!!!!! <3

Practice makes perfect 😉

Whats your favourite cupcake flavour? 🙂

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