Are You A Sushi Lover?

Im sorry for posting all my pictures very late and all at the same time, but these were pictures taken a few days ago that I forgot to blog about, because I’ve been very busy juggling school and work at the same time.

So this is a restaurant in downtown called Kuu its an all you can eat place which is what I like about restaurants!

They have so many food on their menu that taste really good! If you guys never knew my favourite sushi is called Dragon Eye <3 because I love how the outside is very crispy. Other than sushi, I am very open with their other food in their menu. This is the second time going to this restaurant and its definitely a must try if you have not yet! My boyfriend was the one who introduced me to this place, and ever since its been one of my favourite place to eat.

Whats your favourite sushi <3 🙂 ?


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