Why do I like to blog?

Ever since I was a young teenager I always told myself that I wanted to create a blog where I can express myself and gain exposure to other bloggers out there. Meeting new people and sharing our thoughts, values and learning from each other is a pretty interesting way to connect. Don’t you think?

In our generation, social media is a huge trend and a lot of opportunities can come from there just as meeting new people, finding jobs, making collaboration with youtubers/bloggers and much more. Nothing is impossible if you put yourself out there and show CONFIDENCE on what YOU love to do.

On my side, I have a huge interest in the fashion and in the beauty industry where I had always hope that creating a blog can be a tool to help me get a future career a long the way towards that field. Call me old fashion or not, but I also used to write on a diary too and that was something that has always interested me. I believe it all started when I was in elementary school where we were obligated to bring a notebook/diary for a class and we had around 25 minutes to write about ANYTHING and I thought wow that was pretty cool, because we didn’t had to think much about what we had to write. It was an open topic about literately anything you wanted to write. I believe my teacher did that to us to make us practice and ever since, it was stuck in me lol… (who remembers those days πŸ™Š ?)

Now that I have my blog up and running one important thing that I learned the most is CONSISTENCY. Being consistent is the KEY TO EVERYTHING. I can’t lie but its quite challenging, even myself I have a hard time being consistent with my blog. Being a full-time student, having 2 part-time jobs and being a freelancer a side can be a lot to handle. Although it’s never an excuse to not try again right?

No matter what you’re doing getting back on track can be hard, but once you try to get back to it tell yourself that you can do this again. Set yourself some goals and push yourself to do better every day and that is something I always remind myself and YOU should too!

If you’re someone who’s thinking about creating a blog let me know! We can chat about it and I can give you some helpful tips that I learned a long the way. πŸ˜Š

In the end, I’m pretty happy of the results of my blog and how it turned out to be. Hopefully you guys will stay tuned for more content 😘



I had a day off from work on this beautiful weather and had spent some quality time with my boyfriend. We went to Mandy’s for the very first time. For those who don’t know what Mandy’s is, it’s a gourmet salad restaurant. We had ordered some salads and lemonade and their drinks were amazingπŸ’œ. Also the interior design of the place was so beautiful. They’re really all about the pattern design and it’s literally like no other restaurant out there! If you plan on visiting, get ready to take your phones/cameras out and take a bunch of pictures because it’s totally Instagram worthy (not kidding). Check out their website to see where they are located near you!



YOU MUST try this if you are visiting Montreal or even if you have never tried this yet! It’s basically an ice cream waffle filled with lots of toppings and ice cream flavour of your choice!! πŸ’œ


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